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Download ZamTalk Messenger

Press download now to begin downloading and installing ZamTalk Messenger.

System Requirements:
  • CPU Speed: Atleast 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: Atleast 256 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Free Disk Space: 15 MB

Module Version: 13.0.1 | Size: 7.75 MB

    After downloading, run ZamTalk_v1301.exe and follow the next instructions:

  • After running ZamTalk_v1301.exe, ZamTalk setup wizard will appear asking you to agree to the terms of this license agreement. Tick the box and click next.

  • Now select your directory to install ZamTalk messenger, then please click on next button to continue.

  • Click on Install button. After that ZamTalk messenger installed successfully, click on Finish button and create your own nickname.

  • When you will create a nickname successfully, then you can able to login your nickname.
    **Please note that after Nickname Registration, You have to save your all Nickname Information**
  • Avoid making nicknames that are trademarks, Countries, advertisements, inappropriate names, such as names that include firearms and managements like help, technical and so on.
  • Please note you are fully responsible for anyone using your account or your computer, if in any case they get banned automatically your account gets banned as well. So be aware and do not save your password to avoid anyone using your account, even if he /she is your wife/husband/child/family member or friend etc.. You are still responsible.

Dear Users, Soon ZamTalk will be available on Android cell phones and tablets.

Currently release date of Iphone Application is not Available!, We are trying to release it as soon as possible.

Dear Users, You can find lastest messenger updates here!